Chasing Rainbows

Terrified we decided to “go for it”, as the weeks passed by the fear became less and the excitement more.

Yvonne Jackson

Heartbreaking stories. Devastating stories. The miscarriage story needs to change. That's why we've created Tommy's book of #misCOURAGE. Read this story now and help spread the word that miscarriage can no longer be ignored. Help us change the story to save babies' lives.


Story of #miscourage by Yvonne, 

Myself and Darren had only been together a few months when we Found out I was pregnant.

Terrified we decided to “go for it”, as the weeks passed by the fear became less and the excitement more..... along with a lot of vomit, a job lot of vomit!

On July 3rd 2011 I started spotting and getting period like pains, I tried walking them off but it didn’t help. The bleeding got worse, so much worse, I felt an urge to push, something was coming out of me. Then there it was, our baby in the toilet. I knew exactly what I was seeing and then I flushed, it was all I could do. We went to the hospital to be told to come back the following day as no one was there to do an ultrasound. We returned on the 4th, 2 days before our 12 week scan to be told the inevitable “complete miscarriage”. I refused to look at the ultrasound screen, I didn’t need to see my empty womb. 

Months went by and Darren and I had dusted ourselves off and we’re back in the game, another positive pregnancy test. This time the fear hung around for longer and we didn’t really let ourselves get too excited. Oh and the vomit was back, again, loads of the stuff!  8 weeks in and I started spotting again and that was that, another unscheduled scan of which I didn’t look at the screen and another miscarriage, however this one was incomplete and required surgery to remove what was left. Worst Christmas present ever. 

The following Christmas was a different story though, 42 weeks (yes you read that right, 42 weeks!) of fear, vomit, checking every toilet trip wasn’t bloody, vomit, successful scans (I looked at the screen for the first time ever) oh and did I mention the vomit? We finally got our Rainbow at 12.03am on 26th December. Two years later after another monster pregnancy, 41 weeks and 6 days, and of course vomit we got our second Rainbow at 7.02am on 29th January. 

I wish I could promise everyone the happy ending that we’ve had but I can’t however I can say that if I can get through all of that and still be smiling then anyone can. Remember that you are fierce and the fire inside of you will always shine brighter than your fears #misCOURAGE

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