IVF stories

Women share their stories of miscarriage and IVF.

  • Story of Miscourage

    One of the one-in-four

    I would never wish this on anyone, but I also wouldn’t change our story for anything.

  • Story of Miscourage

    I can't explain

    I put him in my arms, I couldn't believe he went.

  • Story of Miscourage

    Lightning can strike twice

    Time stood still and we had no words. I looked at my husband and just said “I knew it”.

  • Story of Miscourage

    IVF & Recurrent Miscarriage

    A family is something we both desire more than anything so it is not a fight we will give up easily.

  • My Journey

    My Journey

    Around this time, my husband and I started having fertility counselling. It proved to be invaluable in helping us to come to terms with and deal with all that we were going through.

  • Story of Miscourage

    Grieving what could have been

    I allowed myself to actually grow to start loving the tiny being growing inside me. It was the size of an apple seed at the end but it meant everything and more.

  • Story of Miscourage

    What happens now?

    We need to talk about it, miscarriage should not be something that we are embarrassed about. How are we going to get through it if we can't talk it through together?

  • Story of Miscourage

    My Journey

    I've experienced hell but every time my little boy smiles at me I'm in heaven.

  • Fly

    We have experienced it all. Now though I mostly feel pride

    My song Fly is dedicated to all the courageous people who like me and my husband have struggled and continue to struggle, to create a family.

  • Scattered hearts

    This is Freja and Ian's story...Long waited, short lived but loved forever.


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