The Healthcare Hero Award

An award that recognises a health care professional who has been a true hero at a time of need.

The winner of the 2016 Healthcare Hero Award was Clare Hajewskij

Clare Hajewskij was nominated by her patient Clare Carney after her exceptional attention and support of Clare through a recent pregnancy. With a history of anxiety, depression and previous miscarriages, when Clare Carney was told that her pregnancy was non-viable due to two rare conditions at 12 weeks she truly relied on the extra support given by her midwife Clare Hajewskij to help her embrace her pregnancy and prepare herself and her family.

Clare Hajewskij’s encouragement throughout Clare’s pregnancy and also postnatally, her warm, polite and friendly manner when providing honest, open and non-judgemental support make her in Clare Carney’s words, “the epitome of an excellent midwife.”