For many mums, Mother’s Day is full of sweet, loving and thoughtful messages. But for some mums, it’s a day filled of words they can never forget. Words that can make them feel alone. This Mother’s Day we want to remind mums that no matter what they are going through, we are right by their side. 
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    You are not alone

    Losing a baby can be incredibly isolating, and that loneliness can be magnified when parents are left with unanswered questions or feeling like they have to hide their heartbreak. We know that Mother's Day can amplify those feelings for some parents.
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    It's okay to feel how you feel

    Mother’s Day can feel different for every mum, and that's okay. It’s why we’re here with support and advice, no matter where you are on your journey. Please don't be nervous to reach out for support if you need it.
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    Your baby matters

    Your baby matters and you are their mum, whether they're in your arms or in your heart. We know that pregnancy after loss can be an incredibly difficult time for many, but you are not alone.
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    Together, we can find the answers

    We know that it can be incredibly difficult to hold onto hope if you don't have your baby in your arms. We research causes and treatments so we can make pregnancy and birth safer for all.
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    Our baby loss support group

    The time around Mother's Day can bring up lots of different emotions and the anticipation for the day itself might be scary or daunting. It's important to connect with others who understand. You are not alone.
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    Parenting after loss

    The heartbreak of losing a baby can make it impossible for parents to go back to thinking of pregnancy as a happy time that results in a healthy baby. Instead it can be filled with anxiety and fear.
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