Publicising your fundraising event

Get your event noticed with our top tips.

Use social media

If you're not already on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, get on them and watch your fundraising soar. It's an easy way to spread the word widely and really take charge of promoting your event. Need a little guidance? 

Read our social media guide.

Download our About Us Leaflets

Having some flyers describing our work can be really useful when you are looking for support. 

Click here to download

Think of all your networks

Do you belong to a club, group or workplace? Think how you can best contact them. Do you have a WhatsApp group, team emails or coffee room you could put a poster up in? You might be surprised how many contacts you have. The more you share your fundraising page the more potential supporters you'll have.

Update your email signature

If your work allow it - try adding your fundraising page link to your email signature. 


Write a press release

Many local papers don't have photographers available to come to events so attach photos to your press release.

If you're writing it before the event, photos of you training or holding a Tommy's banner work well. If you have a personal reason for supporting us a family photo helps. If it is after the event, a photo of you with your finishers medal or a shot of some volunteers at your event is great. A well framed photo taken on your phone is fine. Think about the background of the shot. Try to wear some Tommy's clothing. Remember to include names and ages and make sure you have permission from anyone in the photo. 

If your event is at a school or in the community, such as a sports day, coffee morning or sponsored event, clearly say where and when it is and if the general public can come along. If you are lucky a reporter or a photographer may come on the day. If you write the press release after the event, still include where and when it took place as the papers like those details.

Include the link to your fundraising page for those that read about your event but can't come to it.

Call the newsdesk of your local papers and any local radio stations. You can find contact details on their website. If you speak to the newsdesk they can let you know the best contact to email your press release to.

Send the press release as soon after the event as possible - many weekly papers won't publish 2 weeks after the event.

Once you have sent the press release, it's also worth making a follow-up call to check they've received it and if they plan to cover the story.