The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2021

Join us in our Big Give Christmas Challenge and your donations will be doubled – helping us reach our aim of raising £100,000 to improve miscarriage care.

1 in 5 parents lose a baby through miscarriage. Despite its devastating impact, miscarriage is often dismissed as something that ‘wasn’t meant to be’. We believe more can, and should, be done.

In 2019, our Big Give campaign helped us create a National Miscarriage Care Package to set standards for what good miscarriage care is. This week, we’re aiming to raise £100,000 which will allow us roll to out these new care guidelines UK-wide – giving every family the best care, no matter where they live. Your support will also make sure we can keep conducting research, developing tests, creating treatments and improving care, to better support families and save babies’ lives.

Generous donations are always valued. However, during the Big Give all donations will go twice as far for this week only at no extra cost to you – as every penny donated will be doubled.

Together, we can provide everyone access to the care they deserve. Will you help?

Why it matters

What we can do, together

With the money raised, we will:

  • End the postcode lottery: We have begun implementing our National Miscarriage Care Package, to ensure families can access the same best-practice tests and treatments. We will trial it in 6 new regional centres of excellence, ensuring no one has to travel longer than is necessary to reach expert care. 
  • Discover causes: Parents are often not told why their baby died, as doctors simply do not know the reasons for a miscarriage. Our cutting-edge research explores the causes of miscarriage, like bacteria and infection in the cervix, so we can give parents the answers they desperately need. 
  • Develop tests: Once we know a cause of miscarriage, we work to identify the parents most at risk so we can intervene before conception to prevent future losses. For instance, we’re developing a test to assess the womb lining pre-pregnancy, to spot defects which we know can lead to miscarriage. 
  • Create treatments: We will continue to develop targeted treatments for parents most at risk to improve their chances of a healthy baby, through large clinical trials. For example, our PRISM trial found that progesterone reduced miscarriage rates for women with bleeding and a history of miscarriages. 
  • Improve care: We care for thousands of parents each year, offering them the latest evidence-based tests and treatments. We will support women to have safer pregnancies through early ultrasound scans, testing womb samples and offering them the opportunity to take part in research trials.  
Fundraising progress 100%

Let’s raise £100,000 to make this happen

Miscarriage support

All donations made between 5pm 30 November until 12pm (midday) on 7 December will be doubled, until we reach our target of £100,000.