Baby Loss Awareness Week

A special time for us to come together in remembrance of all the much-loved babies who died too soon while raising awareness of the thousands of families affected by loss each year.

1 in 4 people in the UK experience pregnancy or baby loss. Here at Tommy’s, we know the pregnancy journey can be difficult and can sometimes feel hopeless, confusing and even isolating. It can be an unpredictable rollercoaster of emotions leaving you unsure of where your journey will take you next.

Some steps can feel unsteady and harder to take than others - but that’s where we come in. No matter what your experience, we see you and we’re here for you, always.

Let’s take time to remember and support each other this Baby Loss Awareness Week (9–15 October 2023). Together, we can take the next steps to end preventable baby loss. 

Your wellbeing and support

You’re not alone

  • Baby loss stories

    Losing a baby can feel very isolating, but it's important to remember that you're not alone. Some parents find it helpful to read stories from people who have had similar experiences to them, like the blogs on our website.
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  • Baby loss support group

    Sharing your experience helps. Our Facebook Support Group is for everyone who needs support after loss. It's a secure place to come together and connect as a community without fear or judgement.
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Coping with grief: your stories

About Baby Loss Awareness Week

Beginning initially as a national Baby Loss Awareness Day in 2002, Baby Loss Awareness Week has taken place every October in the UK since then. The week is a collaboration between a number of bereavement charities and aims to offer support, solidarity and comfort to everyone whose lives have been touched by the impact of pregnancy and baby loss.  As well as being a time to remember and reflect, many of our community also use the week to fundraise to support our work. We also share stories, resources and advice on our social media pages – if you feel able and would like to get involved throughout Baby Loss Awareness Week 2022, make sure you’re following Tommy’s on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Wave of Light 2023

Every year the week ends with the Wave of Light on 15 October, a moment which commemorates all the much-loved and much-missed babies. For some this is a private moment of reflection, while others share photos or videos of their candles on social media to connect with others taking part.

We're proud that, for the third year, our friends at Plum & Ashby are donating 100% of profits from their beautiful Wave of Light candle to support our work.

4 Wave of Light candles sit on a table. All are lit.