Donating to Tommy's

You’re the reason we can keep continue our life-saving research into the causes of miscarriage, premature birth and stillbirth. Without your generous donation our work would not be possible.

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donation of

  • £7

    £ 7 could buy 100 test tubes in a Tommy's laboratory and help a scientist trying to find out why some mums go into labour early.

  • £23

    £ 23 could help pay for a mum at risk of miscarriage to receive intensive support from the midwives on the Tommy's PregnancyLine.

  • £32

    £ 32 could help fund our placenta research clinic. Failure of the placenta has been found to be a major cause of mums losing babies.

  • £5

    £ 5 a month would pay for 8 mums-to-be to have a small cervical stitch to help prevent their babies being born too soon.

  • £20

    £ 20 a month would help pay for a PhD research student working on prematurity

  • £50

    £ 50 a month would help fund a Tommy's research midwife in one of Tommy's high risk antenatal clinics for a year.


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