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Follow our Pregnancy Insider, the mum-blogger who tells it like it is. She is 29, lives in East Anglia, practices yoga and is a big fan of House of Cards - and she's pregnant with her first baby.

  • Mum holding newborn baby.

    She's here!

    Eira (pronounced eye-ra - poor child will spend her whole life telling people how to say her name) has made her arrival!

  • Pregnant woman near her due date.

    Due date!

    After what has felt like a very long time coming, it's finally my due week!

  • Pregnant woman relaxing at home.

    Changing jobs

    I had my last day at work this week - and boy, was I ready for that day to come around. I worked right up until 38 weeks - my choice, and one I'll only regret if baby decides to come early and I don't get a rest!

  • Pregnant woman holding her bump.

    Reduced movement

    All of Saturday I hadn't felt her move very much at all. We had friends staying so I was hoping it was just that I was a bit distracted and not paying much attention.

  • Baby accessories

    Shopping for baby!

    This week saw us make our (hopefully) final baby purchase, and it was a big one – the pushchair!

  • Packed bag for hospital.

    Hospital bag packing

    I'm signed up to various weekly 'newsletters' that tell you what to expect each week of your pregnancy and give information on various topics and things to think about as the weeks tick by.

  • Pregnant woman doing pelvic floor exercises.

    Pelvic floor confessions

    I haven't been to pregnancy pilates for a few weeks as the instructor's been away.This week was the first time I'd been back, and the instructor commented on how much of a growth spurt I'd had during that time!

  • Pregnant woman rubbing cream in to belly.

    Tiger stripes - pregnancy stretch marks

    I've been slathering myself in Bio Oil and some hideously expensive body butter stuff meant especially for pregnant tums and for combating stretch marks since about month two.

  • Pregnant woman having trouble sleeping

    40 winks - sleepless nights with a baby on board

    Forty winks is all it feels like I get some nights. I'm really struggling with sleeping and am constantly feeling hazy with tiredness.

  • Man drawing tally chart on pregnant partner's stomach.

    Countdown to baby begins

    I'm not sure if 30 weeks is an official milestone but it's felt like one to me



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