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17 weeks pregnant - all you need to know

Your baby is about the size of an orange, about 12cm long, and weighs roughly 150g. Your bump is getting bigger.

17 weeks infographic.

What does my baby look like in week 17? 

If you could see your baby’s face, you’d notice eyelashes and eyebrows starting to grow.

And if you could take their hand, you’d see they already have a unique fingerprint.

Before this point, your baby’s head was bigger in proportion to their body. Now, however, their body is starting to fill out, and their proportions are starting to even out. 

Your baby’s eyes can move, although their eyelids are still shut, and won’t open again until week 26. The bone tissue in their feet begins to harden.

The placenta continues to grow to keep up with your baby's needs. By the time you give birth it will weigh about 500g.

Your pregnancy symptoms in week 17

Do you have swollen feet? Suffering from pelvic pain or headaches?

Here’s our guide to 10 common pregnancy complaints (and how to avoid them).

Bump watch

Your waist will start to disappear as your womb moves up out of your pelvis and your bump becomes more noticeable. If you've been pregnant before, your bump may start showing a bit sooner than for first-time mums. Have you thought about keeping a bump diary and taking pictures each week?

How are you feeling?

You may start to feel happier and more confident as your bump becomes more noticeable and you start to feel baby move. Some women and men find that their pregnancy suddenly feels more real when they first see the baby at a scan.

You may also have more energy to enjoy getting out and about more.

However, pregnancy can make worries about money or relationships feel bigger. As many as 1 in 10 expectant mums feel stressed and anxious.

Pregnancy hormones can often be to blame, not to mention coping with health issues, worrying about giving birth and the responsibilities of parenthood.

If you’re feeling stressed and anxious, or suffering from depression, don’t hesitate to tell your midwife. They are there to talk about your mental wellbeing in pregnancy, as well as your physical health. Our mental wellbeing tool can also help you think about how you are feeling during your pregnancy and plan ahead for after the birth. You can complete your pregnancy and post-birth wellbeing plan at any point during pregnancy.

What to do in week 17

You’ll have your second scan, known as the ‘fetal anomaly scan' between 18 and 21 weeks.

The reason for this scan is to check the growth and development of your baby.

The sonographer might also be able to tell the sex of your baby at this scan, though some hospitals have a policy of not revealing this. If you'd prefer not to know whether you're having a boy or a girl, let them know so they don't accidentally tell you the gender.

‘I didn’t find out what we were expecting in my first pregnancy. In some ways waiting was excruciating but it was so exciting not knowing. We found out with our second, but I think I preferred the element of surprise the first time!’

Lucy, mum of two.

Find out more about pregnancy ultrasound scans.

You do not need to eat for two

You may be wondering what to eat, or how much. No matter what well-meaning people might say you don’t need to eat for two during pregnancy. Your baby takes everything they need from your body, and will grow well without you taking in any extra calories at all until the last three months.

Once you reach six months pregnancy, you may need an extra 200 calories a day, which is around half a sandwich.

Here are 10 super snack suggestions to help your baby grow.

Are you getting enough vitamin D?

All pregnant women should take a 10 microgram supplement of vitamin D each day to give your baby enough vitamin D for the first few months of life.

Without it, there is a risk that your child will have soft bones, which can lead to rickets (a disease that affects bone development in children).

Find out about more vital supplements in pregnancy.

Aerobics in pregnancy

Aerobics is great for your heart and lungs and improves muscle strength. If you’ve been doing aerobics, you can carry on while you’re pregnant.

If you’re new to it, tell the instructor you’re pregnant and start with just 15 minutes' continuous exercise three times a week. Increase this gradually to a maximum of four 30-minute sessions a week.

“I exercised throughout both my pregnancies, right up until my due date. I was more tired in the second pregnancy, because I was running around after my daughter, but I always did something active because it made me feel better.”

Anna, mum of two

Find out more about when to be careful when exercising in pregnancy

Free prescriptions and NHS dental care

If you haven't yet applied for your maternity exemption certificate - which you can use to get free NHS dental treatment and free prescriptions - ask your doctor or midwife about it.

You'll need to fill in a form FW8, which they will be able to give you. Read our frequently asked questions about drugs and medicines in pregnancy.


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    Please note that these comments are monitored but not answered by Tommy’s. Please call your GP or maternity unit if you have concerns about your health or your baby’s health.
    • By Shanu (not verified) on 1 Feb 2020 - 06:17

      I am 17 weeks pregnant. I always feel very comfortable when I’m wearing big pants with a baggy t shirt. But my mom wants me to wear pregnancy frocks. Is it good to wear those pants in pregnancy

    • By Christy (not verified) on 2 Oct 2019 - 15:20

      Went for antenatal yesterday and the doctor couldn't hear the heartbeat of my baby and he den told me that it's commonly not possible to hear the heartbeat at this stage not up till 18- 20th week. Just want to know if that's true?

    • By Naomi (not verified) on 12 Oct 2019 - 08:38

      Have you seen a midwife yet for an antenatal appointment around 16 weeks? They should be able to offer to listen to the FH too if you want. Sometimes babies are in awkward positions, and I’d be inclined to say that midwives are actually more used to listening in at early gestations in UK than a lot of obstetricians and definitely GPs. So it does happen, yes, but if it’s made you really anxious I’d say contact your midwife and see if they can try and listen in again before your 20 week scan. Did the doctor offer you a scan following not being able to locate the heartbeat? Not necessarily needed, but again, more for reassurance. The other thing I will mention is that while this can happen to anyone, having a higher BMI will make it more likely to have difficulty locating the baby’s heartbeat.

    • By Carthyb (not verified) on 4 Nov 2019 - 18:52

      Heard the heartbeat of our baby for the first time at 8wks

    • By Ellenas (not verified) on 22 Dec 2019 - 17:10

      You wouldn’t be able to hear a baby’s heartbeat at 8 weeks, at 8 weeks the baby would actually viably only be 5-6 weeks gestation.thats why midwifes don’t listen for heartbeats until 16 weeks, had 5 babies and all been the same.

    • By Canietha (not verified) on 3 Feb 2020 - 15:19

      You can definitely hear the heartbeat at 8 weeks. I went in at 6 weeks 5 days and the heartbeat was beating very loud and fast. So yes, you can definitely hear it.

    • By Stacey (not verified) on 6 Feb 2020 - 11:24

      I'm 17 weeks with IVF baby so we had lots of early scans and at 6 weeks pregnant we heard and saw the heartbeat.

    • By Khairiya (not verified) on 23 Jan 2020 - 13:33

      Usually you can hear a heartbeat from 10weeks i was 7weeks when i went for first scan and we heard a heartbeat loud and clear.

    • By Sonia (not verified) on 31 Aug 2019 - 17:32

      Hi, I am 19 weeks pregnant just started feeling pains at the right side of my belly and I am worried. Please what could be the cause

    • By Midwife @Tommys on 4 Sep 2019 - 11:19

      Hi Sonia
      You need to go to your local maternity unit for urgent review if you have not already done so this since sending this message. Any abdominal pain, at any gestation of pregnancy, needs to be reviewed. Tommy's Midwife

    • By Pisces (not verified) on 14 Apr 2020 - 12:48

      It’s called round ligament pains... it’s when your uterine muscles start to stretch. The pains usually comes on both sides of your abdomen, it’s VERY COMMON AND EXPECTED! Don’t be worried!

    • By Priya (not verified) on 28 Aug 2019 - 06:40

      Hiii.. I am 16weeks pregnant.. I am feeling pain in left side of vagina... Is it normal??

    • By Midwife @Tommys on 28 Aug 2019 - 12:59

      Hi Priya. Please get yourself seen by a doctor as soon as you can if you haven't already done so. Tommy's Midwife

    • By Sree (not verified) on 25 Aug 2019 - 18:28

      I was 19 weeks and 5 days pregnant but my scan shows the age of baby as 17 weeks . Baby weighs only 163 gms. What would be the reason

    • By Martha mulenga (not verified) on 16 Aug 2019 - 10:00

      Hello I would like to know if it's ok for same one who is praganat at 17 weeks to be feeling dizzy almost every day

    • By Midwife @Tommys on 16 Aug 2019 - 16:07

      Please see your Doctor asap to assess why you are feeling dizzy nearly every day.

    • By Mercie (not verified) on 19 Aug 2019 - 11:36

      I am 17 weeks too and going through diziness like crazy

    • By Zymos (not verified) on 15 Aug 2019 - 03:06

      I should be about 18-19 weeks pregnant, all symptoms left except dizziness and constant hunger. I've had all signs of pregnancy and even feel little moves like flutters and tubs but did another pt and it came out negative. Planning for a sonograph.

      What could this mean. A bit concerned

    • By Nicky (not verified) on 30 Jul 2019 - 20:15

      Hi i am 17 weeks pregnant and having the cold with a bit of coughing. Is there anything safe to take?
      Also is it safe to have peppermint tea during my pregnancy? I have read contradicting information on the internet so confused.

    • By Midwife @Tommys on 30 Jul 2019 - 17:01

      Hi Seyit,
      Your baby has lots of room at the moment to be in whatever position he/she chooses we don't worry about the position of your baby until the last trimester of pregnancy (34-36 weeks) when the majority of babies are head down preparing for birth.
      Best wishes
      Anna-Tommy's Midwife

    • By Seyit (not verified) on 30 Jul 2019 - 13:50

      Should I be worried the baby's head is up or is babies head always up in the first or early second trimister..or why is my baby breech

    • By Naomi (not verified) on 12 Oct 2019 - 08:42

      Not at all a worry, your baby can be head up without worry right up until 31-34 weeks. They may well be moving into other positions at this stage too but tend to have a default position. As the pregnancy progresses the likelihood of a baby turning to head down, and staying in that position, increases.

    • By Seyit (not verified) on 30 Jul 2019 - 13:48

      Should I be worried the baby's head is up or is babies head always up in the first or early second trimister..or why is my baby breech

    • By damilola (not verified) on 18 Jul 2019 - 07:55

      no bumps, negative result but my tummy is getting big like am pregnant,, can the home pt be false?

    • By Ma.ann Daniel (not verified) on 10 Jul 2019 - 13:43

      Hi im 17th weeks pregnant.i was schedule yesterday for my ob.but to frustate me.they didn't find the heartbeat of my baby.but when they scan my tommy there a baby inside and moving i worried for the heartbeat of my baby?

    • By Robert (not verified) on 6 Jul 2019 - 19:28

      The relationship with Tommy will go a long way to help us

    • By Yosdi Ramos (not verified) on 3 Apr 2019 - 04:23

      I have a question, I feel itchy in my private area lately like it’s hurts and burns, I been keeping myself hydrated and eating as I do normally but at night I start to get really itchy down there i don’t know if it’s normal ? I also been having stomach pain lately? I don’t know what I should do either ? My appointment is coming soon like Monday, should I talk to my doctor about this? I’m concerned.

    • By Kerry (not verified) on 19 May 2019 - 13:23

      You either have thrush or an STI. You need to go to your gynaecologist and find out immediately.

    • By samantha09 (not verified) on 15 Feb 2019 - 15:06

      Hi I have a problem i had an unprotected sex with my husband after 2 days before my periods then i didn't see my periods for a month's I go to the clinic the test came back positive but with a faint line the mid wife told me to come back after 2 months maybe I tested too early then after 2 months I got tested came back negative I've been vomiting,headaches ,back pain, and urinate more often tenderness of breast then I was reffered to the doctor the doctor did a blood test wich come back negative I don't know what to do now I'm feeling like i could faint and there is something moving in my stomach and my belly is growing than never before pls help

    • By Midwife @Tommys on 20 Feb 2019 - 12:42

      Hi Samantha. You should return to your GP and get them to do a urine test to check if you have a severe urinary tract infection. Infection can cause these symptoms that you have mentioned and if you are not pregnant, then further investigation is needed as to why you are experiencing such symptoms. If your pain is very bad, please just go straight to A&E minors ot be seen urgently. All the best, Tommy's Midwife

    • By stephanie (not verified) on 25 Jan 2019 - 11:43

      I missed my period like about a month ago and I did d urine test twice and it showed me 2 red lines which means dat m pregnant, and av been having d symptoms but my tummy is still as flat asiv there's noting inside

    • By ErinsMum (not verified) on 22 Jan 2019 - 22:24

      I am 18 weeks pregnant and for the past week or slightly more.. I've been getting a tingling sensation in my left shoulder blade.. sometimes when ive been rushing around but in the past day or so Its just comibg on even at resting, should I be worried?

    • By Midwife @Tommys on 25 Jan 2019 - 15:29

      It does not sound like anything to worry about as long as you are feeling generally well. If you feel unwell also then do see your GP.
      Best wishes
      Tommy's midwife

    • By Kayla (not verified) on 20 Jan 2019 - 14:16

      Hello, I am 17wks and I've been feeling little movements for about 2 weeks up until yesterday when I haven't felt any. I have had a cold and bad cough for about a week and have been taking the approved meds, now I'm worried that something is wrong!

    • By Midwife @Tommys on 25 Jan 2019 - 15:28

      Hi Kayla,
      Please try not to worry, it would be perfectly normally not to be feeling movements every day at this stage of pregnancy. As long as you feel well, do not have any pain or bleeding. If you have any other concerns then do contact your doctor.
      Best wishes
      Tommy's midwife

    • By Ammara Nouman (not verified) on 17 Jan 2019 - 13:25

      I am 17 weeks pregnant could not feel any movement of baby up til now m worried...there is pressure in lower abdomen and sometimes there is slight pain not too much...m worried about the movement and growth of my baby plz help me

    • By Midwife @Tommys on 17 Jan 2019 - 13:59

      Please do not worry, it is very normal to not have felt any movements at 17 weeks. Most women start to feel movements anywhere between 18 and 24 weeks. If you have not felt your baby move by 24 weeks then you need to speak with your midwife.
      If the pressure becomes painful or more intense, please contact your doctor for advice.
      Best wishes
      Tommy's midwife

    • By Elvie (not verified) on 17 Jan 2019 - 11:06

      I Had sex with my husband and after that there is a pink blood . Is that normal? Im afraid to have sex with my husband Again.

      Thank you so much

    • By Midwife @Tommys on 17 Jan 2019 - 12:28

      Hi Elvie - Thank you for your message.
      You haven't shared if you are pregnant and if you are, how many weeks pregnant you maybe.
      It’s common to have light bleeding or ‘spotting’ without pain before 12 weeks. This isn’t often serious, but you should contact your doctor, midwife or Early Pregnancy Unit immediately to be checked, just in case.
      Bleeding in pregnancy after 12 weeks is not common. Contact A&E or your hospital maternity unit immediately so you can be checked.

    • By Anonymous (not verified) on 22 Dec 2018 - 16:43

      Hi I'm 14 weeks pregnant but the baby doesn't show any signs of movement in the womb should I be worried

    • By Midwife @Tommys on 3 Jan 2019 - 16:42

      No please do not worry, it is very normal to not have felt any movements at 14 weeks. Most women start to feel movements anywhere between 18 and 24 weeks. If you have not felt your baby move by 24 weeks then you need to speak with your midwife.
      Best wishes
      Tommy's midwife

    • By anonymous (not verified) on 12 Dec 2018 - 20:42

      I am 17 weeks pregnant today and throughout my pregnancy have been experiences loose motion in the morning when I wake up with an urgency to empty my bowels. There are no other symptoms and once i have emptied my bowels I feel fine.
      This doesn't happen every morning maybe once or twice a week. I have kept a diary and there doesn't seem to be anything that stands out in my diet that doesn't suit me or anything that i have changed in my diet, what could cause this? Is this a pregnancy symptom? Many thanks

    • By Midwife @Tommys on 14 Dec 2018 - 15:29

      It can be a symptom of pregnancy, and many women do report a similar experience. As long as you are feeling generally well, keeping hydrated and eating well then this is fine. If you are worried then do speak with your midwife.
      Best wishes
      Tommy's midwife

    • By Beryl Anne (not verified) on 30 Oct 2018 - 09:11

      Hello, I missed my period on august and September after having sex with my boyfriend I started bleeding that was on the 9/09/18 I did home pregnancy test but came negative. On 28th and 29th we had unprotected intercourse again. This are my ovulation days. I bled 12days after when I was expecting my periods but it was unusual. It lasted 3days and my periods last for 5 to six days. I have been feeling too sick, nausea and lightheadedness especially at night, sore breasts but the time am expecting to be ovulating, stomach pains,diarrhoea,constipation,regular back pain along the spinal area and alot of pressure on my pelvic area. Yet am not showing my stomach was bigger in September than it is now which makes me believe am not expecting. I can push my belly in,its so soft and doesn't look like there is a baby in there.
      The doctor performed urine test came negative and no UTI.
      What could be the problem, am I pregnant?

    • By Midwife @Tommys on 2 Nov 2018 - 10:16

      Hi Beryl Anne,
      If the doctor did a pregnancy test and this was negative then it is showing that you are not pregnant. If you are having irregular periods and unusual symptoms then I would suggest for you to see you GP for a review.
      Best wishes
      Tommy's midwife

    • By Nafisah (not verified) on 5 Sep 2018 - 13:40

      I am experiencing itching watering discharge and odour am 17weeks

    • By Midwife @Tommys on 11 Sep 2018 - 12:24

      Please contact your GP or maternity unit for urgent advice-you will need to have some tests and depending on the results, treatment may be prescribed. The following link has more information for you-

      Take care
      Tommy's Midwife

    • By Midwife @Tommys on 11 Sep 2018 - 12:24

      Please contact your GP or maternity unit for urgent advice-you will need to have some tests and depending on the results, treatment may be prescribed. The following link has more information for you-

      Take care
      Tommy's |Midwife

    • By Sayontoni (not verified) on 28 Aug 2018 - 18:22

      Hi I am 17 weeks today and felt the baby moving a lot over the past weekend for the first time. But for the past 24 hours haven't felt any movements. No other symptoms (bleeding, cramping beyond stretching pains etc). Should I be worried? Or is it still quite early to feel consistent movements every day?

    • By Midwife @Tommys on 30 Aug 2018 - 15:30

      Hi Sayontoni, Thank you for your comment.
      It can be normal to feel baby on and off at this stage in your pregnancy as baby has so much room to move around in but if you are concerned then please contact your midwife who will be able to listen in to baby's heart beat and this should give you further reassurance. Hope this helps, Take Care, Tommy's Midwives x

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