10 tips to relax in pregnancy

It’s natural to get a bit stressed when you’re pregnant. Here are some ideas for how you can relax and look after your emotional wellbeing.

You’ll probably have a lot on your mind during pregnancy. Coping with your symptoms and changing lifestyle, as well as everyday life, can sometimes be overwhelming. 

Your mental wellbeing in pregnancy is just as important as your physical health, so try to take care of your mind as well as your body. Here are ten tips to help you relax in pregnancy: 

1. Take time out for yourself every day

Do something you enjoy that’s just for you. Take a warm bath, chill out to some music, close your eyes, gently massage your bump – whatever makes you feel peaceful.

2. Talk to someone you trust

Getting things off your chest and talking your worries through with an understanding and trustworthy friend, family member or work colleague can make all the difference. Talk about how you’re feeling.

3. Stay active every day 

Exercise releases endorphins that will lift your mood. You don’t have to do aerobics classes or hit the gym. Just try to make staying active part of your everyday life. For example, you could go for a walk  or do some office exercises. This can reduce stress and it’s good for your unborn baby, too. Find out more about exercises you can do when you’re pregnant.

4. Rest when you need to

It’s hard to feel cheerful if you’re exhausted and uncomfortable, so make sure you take time to rest when you can.

5. Ask for practical help from family or friends

Can they cook you a meal, help with the shopping, or look after your children? Family and friends are there to support you, so don't be afraid to ask for help.

6. Be realistic about how much you can do (whether at work, at home, or in your social life)

We are all be guilty of taking too much on for fear of letting someone down. Saying no can be tricky, but now you need to take care of yourself. The people around you will understand if you need to say no.  

7. Eat well

A balanced and varied diet will keep you healthy and help your baby grow and develop. Find out more about eating well in pregnancy here.

8. Be informed

If something’s worrying you, talk to your midwife or doctor about your options and where you can get support. You can talk to our midwives too! Join our Facebook page or email us at [email protected].

9. Meet other pregnant women or new parents at local groups or on online forums

Ask your midwife or children’s centre what’s available locally. Sharing your feelings with other people having similar experiences can help you feel less isolated.

10. Don’t believe the hype

It may seem like everyone else is happy and coping all the time, but everyone will be facing their own challenges. Lots of women feel low in pregnancy or after the birth, but a lot of people hide their real feelings, especially in public. Find out more about mental wellbeing in pregnancy.

When to get help

Feeling emotional during pregnancy is common because of hormone changes. But it’s important to ask for help if you are feeling sad more than you are feeling happy.

Talk to your midwife or GP about how you feel if you’re feeling low for more than a couple of weeks. They can help you find ways to look after your emotional health, including getting extra help and treatment if needed.

Work out how you’re feeling with our interactive Wellbeing Plan.

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    • By Ty (not verified) on 30 Mar 2020 - 03:35

      I been arguing wit my baby dad ,our relationship has always been rocking but I been yelling screaming since I felt pregnant I been crying a lot lately and idk wat to do @ tthe his point like I been really feeling down im 10 weeks now ..can anybody give me advise

    • By Chrisanne tasneem (not verified) on 13 Apr 2020 - 14:15

      I understand your frustration n were you coming from...you looking for the uncondtional love n support n love n attention but trust me when i say stop looking for that n move your forcus now onto baby n u....dont make him know your weak side cause men react n play more igorant when there see that......ignore him n let him grow up by just concentrating on healthy pregnancy n u.....take care

    • By Pee (not verified) on 20 Dec 2019 - 06:20

      I work with a very stressfull boss. I feel stressed most if the times. Should i quit my job or just deal with it. I do not want my baby to go through all these emotions

    • By Ruby Rios (not verified) on 5 Mar 2020 - 19:23

      Personally, I work for a boss who is very stressful. He's very anti-social and sexist. Which when i wasn't pregnant it didn't matter to me because I would make my money and go home. Now being 8 Weeks Prego, has made me realize after working for him and going through morning sickness , nausea , fatigue and all under the sun, sometimes as women we choose the road between mothers and someone who is an employee. I honestly could not care about my boss any more, my baby is way more important if they dont understand. Jobs will come and go and maybe we'll be blessed with a better boss !

    • By Siri (not verified) on 6 Dec 2019 - 12:02

      I have 2.5year old son.my son is very active I can’t handle him now.no one has to me now to handle my problems.now I am (6 months)pregnant.I get angry with every one and my hubby not understanding me.so I feel lone. Wat can I do for this

    • By Sapna singh (not verified) on 25 Jul 2019 - 08:43

      M not happy. I don't know anything about pregnancy Even my husband.. and there is no one who can guide me daily because i m living with my husband in jaipur....

    • By Sindisiwe Mbali (not verified) on 25 Sep 2018 - 15:02

      I now understand a lot from this disease as I was surprised when I found out I might suffering from Anxiety during my pregnancy period. They even book me a bed so that I can be treated but I refuse because I never have an clue of what exactly I'm going through.

    • By Veronica (not verified) on 25 May 2019 - 11:17

      M pregnant and i have panic attack fear.sumtyms i feel like m in a small place nid air my mind utomatically jst think worse thing dat makes me panic

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