If love is a measure of a man then Cameron is a giant among men

For such a small person, who only had a place in the world for the nine months he was carried, he has brought so much love and is loved by so many people.

A tenth birthday is a milestone. Cameron should be here celebrating with his family and friends but sadly we will only have him in our hearts, not our arms.  So, to honour his memory and to bring something positive from his birthday I have decided to take on 10for10in10. I will be running 10 events, each a minimum of 10k, within 10 months, for Cameron’s 10th birthday. As I only started running less than two years ago and was seven stone heavier then, this is going to be a big undertaking for me!

Here is our story of Cameron.

Mike and I had been together for nine years (married for four) when we decided to expand our family of two to a family of three. We fell pregnant instantly and the excitement of starting our family grew. I had the usual morning sickness, heartburn etc. but nothing untoward.  It was a textbook pregnancy. But our baby boy was in no rush to be born and my due date came and went. 

In the early hours of the morning on 27th December 2009, at 41 + 1 weeks pregnant with our first child, I woke up in labour.The contractions were intense, very close together and very short. We made the journey to the hospital to have our little boy.

We entered the labour unit and were directed to our room. The midwife came to listen in to our baby’s heartbeat before the task of giving birth began.  This was the moment our world came crashing down.  The midwife made her excuses and left the room saying she would be back in a minute.  Her tone was calming but I knew something was seriously wrong.  Next a doctor was brought in to scan me. I watched the ultrasound image, an image I will never forget. It was my perfect baby boys’ heart, perfectly still. I stared and stared desperate for his heart to beat but it stayed completely still for what felt like an eternity. We were then told the news that there was no heartbeat, our baby had died.  I was in the advanced stages of labour and our baby was delivered very shortly afterwards. I had had a catastrophic concealed placental abruption.

Cameron was born on the 27th December 2009 at 06:44. He weighed a perfect 9lb 2 1/2oz and was 52cm long, he had black hair with a little curl in it. He was wanted so badly within our family but sadly he can only join us in our hearts. He was loved so very much from the moment we found out we were expecting and will be loved for the rest of our lives. For such a small person, who only had a place in the world for the nine months he was carried, he has brought so much love and is loved by so many people. 

Eleven months later we were incredibly blessed to have our son Matthew (now a full of energy 8-year-old boy!). Matthew loves to take part in fun runs and we hope that he will be able to take part in some kids’ events with the help and support of Mike at some of the races I am taking part in.

We have sadly had a further two miscarriages since Matthew was born.  Tommy’s provide support for every stage of pregnancy loss as well as research to find ways to prevent such losses. This is the reason I have chosen to fundraise for Tommy’s.

I am very lucky to have my wonderful husband Mike, my fantastic son Matthew, incredible parents and parents in law and all our brilliant family and friends who have not only supported us through the hard times but who have supported and encouraged me as I have started running.

I hope that by marking Cameron’s tenth birthday in this way and raising some vital funds for Tommy’s, his very short life will help to prevent other families from going through such devastation. 

If love is a measure of the man, then Cameron is a giant among men.


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