Pregnancy can come at any time for any woman, just as miscarriage

I thought I’d finally had my miracle but they became an angel I’m happy to have my angel now, but it still breaks my heart.

#misCOURAGE story, 01/03/2017, by Olivia Powley

At aged only 16, 2 weeks before my 17th I found out I was 3 weeks pregnant, I was scared and excited, what young expectant mother isn't?

I was shockingly thin but also healthy, and was throwing up almost everyday and almost all day, I knew something was wrong and headed to the doctors as it had been persistent and was told you're pregnant.

I was shocked and let my partner know, we'd been living together just over 2 months and we're shocked and scared, no idea what to do.

Whilst we looked for flats, I began spotting and lightly bleeding on the night of my birthday and headed to the hospital where I was rushed to the gynaecology ward, and given a scan the next morning.

The scan showed my little 5 week old baby and I was so happy I cried, and everything was okay.

I went home to return in 2 weeks, but circumstances changed and I had to rearrange my scan and on the day I should've had my scan my little angel was gone.

I had no idea I was so excited and was preparing to buy a scan photo to show my family, and there was no development and no heartbeat, they wanted a surgery but I refuse I hate surgery and needles.

It took almost 6 weeks later for my bleeding to start and I broke when it finally got here, they believed it could be molar but I carried on bleeding and refused surgery and after 10 days of bleeding continuously, and bleeding excessively, I finally went to a&e, as I had been in way too much pain for too long and bleeding too long.

When I was prescribed blood thinning tablets but never took them, the bleeding stopped 4 days later.

The bleeding has been gone for about 3 weeks now, and I have my final appointment today, I went through a lot for my little one just for it to be ripped away, I even had a maternity shirt as I had put weight on extremely quickly.

Pregnancy can come at any time for any woman, just as miscarriage.

There's a famous quote that states; "those 2 lines can change your life just like a miscarriage can."

I thought I'd finally had my miracle but they became an angel I'm happy to have my angel now, but it still breaks my heart.

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