My husband and I were in complete shock and experienced a mix of emotions

I am so grateful for my rainbow babies.

May 2016

My husband and I both come from big families and shortly after we were married we began trying for a baby. We were delighted to find out we were pregnant after 3 months and told our close family and friends. Then at 10 weeks I started spotting, we were so scared I phoned the GP who referred us to the hospital for a scan. We both then started to fear the worst. We arrived to the hospital, and the docotr began the scan, I could see him counting on the screen, but still no idea what was going on until he called a consultant in and she explained that my dates can't be right, as it looked more like a 7 week pregnancy but no heartbeats were detected. She then added I was pregnant with 4 babies, however I was losing one of them, and a strong possibility I may lose them all.

My husband and I were in complete shock and experienced a mix of emotions. I was put on strict bed rest and had to go back a week later.

Unfortunately a day later I began to bleed. I knew I was losing my other babies, We were both devastated and completely heartbroken. (My angel's rip.) Three months later we were pregnant again we only told our parents, things were going well and at 12 weeks we told our extended family and friends.  Then at 13 weeks I had a huge bleed, I was rushed to hospital. I was under the care of the consultant I seen previously. She scanned me and much to our amazement our baby was alive and kicking, we felt fantastic but there was a long road ahead with many admissions to hospital and strict bed rest for 6 months.

I gave birth at 40+6 to a healthy baby boy it was truly amazing. We then decided we would like a sibling and it took us over 12 months to become pregnant, again. I started spotting at 7 weeks and knowing what could happen was frightening. We went yo the EPU and my consultant came to scan me, she confirmed I was pregnant with twins, but there was  only 1 heartbeat, the other twin had not developed. We couldn't believe it but at the same time we had a heart beat we were still very grateful to be pregnant. I carried full term with no further complications and gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl. Then 3 years later we had our surprise pregnancy. There were some complications at 26 weeks but I delivered a healthy little boy.

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