All the doctors could say was that they couldn't tell me why it had happened.

I would love to know why I miscarried.

by Jennifer

May 2016

I found I was pregnant with my 2nd baby in June 2015 and I felt great. I already had a healthy and happy baby girl first time round and was excited.

Then about 2 weeks later I started to bleed I did not think much of it as I had spotting with my first child, but when it did not stop and just got worse I went  to the midwife.

Then in July I suffered the worst thing any women can ever go though. I lost my baby at 6-8 weeks. I was alone with my 2 year-old when it happened as my partner was out. By the time he returned I was in severe pain.

I knew then what was happening and I went to the hospital. I knew as soon I got there that I had lost my baby. All the doctors could say was that they couldn't tell me why it happened.  I would love to know why as I had carried my first full term with no problems and I was doing everything the same with this one.

I felt, and still do to this day, that it is my fault that my baby died, even though everyone says it's is not. We are trying for anorther but so far no luck also with this miscarriage it has made my depression come on which I already had but it has made it worse I just wish I knew why I could carry one full term but lose my 2nd I know it happens a lot and I feel every women's pain that has gone though and I also would not wish it on anyone not ever my worse enemy xx

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