Online communities for baby loss

A list of the best supportive blogs, Instagram and Facebook accounts from parents who have gone through miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth, neonatal death and termination for medical reasons (TMFR)

"When my son was stillborn, I couldn’t find anything to read about the mum’s personal experiences and what to expect... I needed something real, something I could relate to. It’s now been some time since my son passed away and I’m hoping by doing this families can find comfort that they are not alone and it’s okay." Hannah Pontillo

This is a list of blogs and social accounts from people who have suffered pregnancy loss/es or preterm birth. Many of them have worked with us to raise awareness and the importance of research in reducing loss.

All write movingly about their experiences of loss, life after loss and, in some cases, pregnancy and pregnancy/parenting after loss.

Legacy of Leo 

Jess shares the story of Leo Phoenix, her son who was stillborn in 2016, and what followed his birth. She is passionate about raising awareness, supporting others and sharing the honest truth of fertility treatment, baby loss, stillbirth, miscarriage and pregnancy after loss. You can visit Jess' website or find her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Jennie Agg

Jennie Agg is a writer and journalist and started her blog in 2017, writing about her experience of recurrent miscarriage. After giving birth to her son Edward in 2020, she often writes about the complex feelings surrounding pregnancy and parenting after loss. She posts blogs on her website and you can follow her on Instagram at @jenniemonologues.

Elle Wright (Feathering the empty nest)

Elle Wright's son Teddy died 3 days after he was born. Her first book, 'Ask Me His Name' is about life after loss, and she has since written another, 'A Bump in the Road'. Her second book is about her struggles with secondary infertility and pregnancy after loss. She welcomed her daughter, Olivia, in 2020. Elle's website features guest blogs from other parents and you can follow her on Instagram at @feathering_the_empty_nest.

The Worst Girl Gang Ever

Having been through pregnancy loss and miscarriage themselves, Laura and Bex set up the Worst Girl Gang Ever (TWGGE) to break the taboo around baby loss and create a supportive community for bereaved parents. You can listen to their award-winning podcast, follow them on Instagram or visit their website.

Time to Talk TFMR

The Time to Talk TFMR podcast is presented by Hayley and Catherine. They speak to parents who have made the heartbreaking decision to terminate a pregnancy for medical reasons and share stories and information on their Instagram

From the other chair 

Michelle's daughter Orla was stillborn. As a clinical psychologist, Michelle talks openly and honestly about loss and mental health from both the personal and professional viewpoint. As well as blogging she is on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Michelle has since had a rainbow baby and has written about issues around pregnancy and parenting after loss.

Mama Prozac

Laura Deadman Jones suffered 5 miscarriages in total before having her rainbow baby Ivy. You can follow her on Instagram at @mamaprozac.

Amy Campbell (This is my brave face)

Amy Campbell is a mother of twins, Charlotte and Esme who were both born on 10 July 2016. Esme died on 30 August 2016. She has since had a son, Archie, who was born in 2018. You can read her blog or follow her on Instagram (@this_is_my_brave_face).

Zoe Clark-Coates MBE

Zoe is an author, journalist and CEO of Saying Goodbye Charity. She has written books about coping with loss and regularly posts to Instagram. You can follow her at @zoeadelle.

Hannah Pontillo

Hannah started her blog because when her son Dexy was stillborn. She has since had rainbow baby River Wylde and wants to help others navigate life after loss, as well as raising awareness of baby loss in the UK. You can read her blog or follow her on Instagram at @hannahpontillo.

Making it to Motherhood

Friends Maya and Zinnia started a podcast series after both experience baby loss –  Maya of her son, Leo, and Zinnia of her daughter, Isabelle. The podcast addresses grief and loss in a frank and honest way, and is designed to be the resource they wished they'd had when they experienced their losses. You can listen to the podcast through Apple, Spotify or Google

Tommy's Facebook support groups

Tommy's runs a general support group on Facebook for those who have suffered miscarriage, ectopic or molar pregnancy, stillbirth, loss after premature birth, neonatal death or termination for medical reasons:

We also run a pregnancy and parenting after loss support group: