Kelly's Reason for Running

Having gone through the heartbreak of recurrent miscarriage, Kelly ran her first ever half marathon in August 2021 at the London Landmarks Half Marathon, with mother-in-law Lorraine by her side. This is Kelly’s story and reason for running.

By Kelly Green

After my first miscarriage in 2019, my mother-in-law Lorraine encouraged me to start running to help me recover emotionally and physically. She became my running partner, motivating me when I didn't have the energy.

Over the last couple of years, I have experienced another 4 miscarriages. Running has become my regular therapy for coping with recurrent miscarriages and it's helped me to bounce back after each time.

I would build up my running, progress well with my distance and then fall pregnant and experience a miscarriage at varying stages of pregnancy. After each miscarriage, I would need to start from scratch and build up my running again, but it was amazing therapy to help me focus and remain positive.

So I thought, what better way to help raise money for funding for research and support to help many more women and couples going through their own personal journeys with pregnancy loss, than by running a half marathon with my running partner who gave me the motivation and support to keep going throughout.

Training unfortunately got disrupted this year due to personal circumstances and experiencing other forms of loss. It has taken a lot of motivation and strength to keep going but having the half marathon to aim for has helped me keep going and I always feel better for running!

The reason we are raising money for Tommy's is because of my personal journey over the past few years, suffering from recurrent miscarriage. Tommy's has personally supported me and many other women and couples who sadly experience pregnancy loss, stillbirth and complications.

This sadly still affects and brings heartbreak to far too many women and couples.

Tommy's has provided investigations into the cause and looked into future treatment plans for me. When I visit, I can see so many celebration stories on their walls and I hope one day, with support, I will have my own little miracle.