Ask your MP to help make miscarriage care a priority


We think it’s unacceptable women don’t qualify for specialist help on the NHS until they’ve had 3 miscarriages in a row. With the start of the new parliamentary session for 2022, it’s vital that miscarriage care isn’t forgotten. 

We’re calling for the Government in England to include miscarriage as a priority when they publish their Women’s Health Strategy later this year. The Strategy is an important document which will describe the action the Government in England will take to address the health conditions and inequalities affecting women. It's vital that miscarriage is included in the strategy as a key area where more support is needed.

We also need to continue our work to ensure miscarriage care is high on the agenda across the rest of the UK. 

The current system isn’t working, and families are still suffering: 

  1. Women must currently experience 3 miscarriages in a row before they can access any support.  We think this is wrong.  Parents should be entitled to support after every miscarriage.  
  2. Access to miscarriage care can vary depending on where you live.  It shouldn’t be a postcode lottery.  
  3. Miscarriages are not recorded or included in any official statistics.  This means that we have no way of knowing how many miscarriages happen in the UK and we can’t set targets for bringing the number of losses down.   

Support our campaign by emailing your MP or representative to ask them to add their voice and make miscarriage care a priority.   

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