Water Babies rainbow Kailen is fundraising in the Tommy's Splashathon

Kailen swims with Water Babies Kent in Canterbury. He calls it his swimming babies lesson!

Tommy's charity fundraising story 2021

We have taken part in Spashathon since our now 8 year old was in Water Babies. It's important to us because it funds Tommy's which in turn support for all those needing it to work their way through the turmoil of baby loss including their families...as it hit the whole family really hard.

In January 2015 we went for our routine 20 week scan whilst pregnant with identical twin boys. We had a feeling they were boys and were hoping to confirm thi,s but most of all that they were healthy .

I'm always nervous at scans but once the sonographer had looked and started measuring I relaxed. Then she said the words. I'm sorry they’re gone. I was in denial. I made her check again and then asked someone else to check. I delivered the two little boys just 3 days later.

What followed was a traumatic time not only mourning the loss of our babies but with a number of issues that arose.

Everyone's story is different but whilst battling the twins loss I felt so lucky to have my first born Ariana to light the way a little.

In July 2015 I found out I was pregnant and the whole pregnancy was not enjoyable. I couldn't relax I worried constantly.

I could listen to the heartbeat with the midwife and the very next day be worried again!

 Kailen was 1 week late and I had to be induced as my waters were leaking. After an emergency section and being born with the cord around his neck twice Kailen arrive safely and has brightened our world ever since. He is 5 now! And our Brody arrived in 2019.

We always say we had sunshine (Ariana) a storm (Ashton and Blake) our rainbow (Kailen) and the pot of gold (Brody)

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