Lancet miscarriage research: next steps

Now that our important new findings have been published in The Lancet, there are some vital steps to take to ensure we change the miscarriage story and get parents the support they need.

Following publication of the Lancet miscarriage research series, we will finalise the guidelines for our National Miscarriage Care Package. These guidelines will be the best-practice care on recurrent pregnancy loss, to inform health practitioners on how best to treat and advise women. Standing with this care package will be example commissioning guidelines, developed in partnership with several local authorities.

Alongside the development of the care package and commissioning guidelines, we will develop a patient’s charter. This document will comprise information for the woman and their partner to know what service and care they should be able to expect. This will empower couples to advocate for themselves to access the care that they are entitled to.

Tommy’s National Centre for Miscarriage Research will then work with local clinicians and midwives to support uptake of the care package guidelines in maternity sites. It is important that healthcare providers support us in these efforts to standardise tests and treatments, so that women across the UK can benefit from best-practice care.

We must report on the uptake of these guidelines to monitor the standardisation of tests and treatments for miscarriage in maternity units.