No one should have to lose 3 babies to get miscarriage support: sign the petition now

Miscarriage is devastating – yet parents only qualify for support and care after they’ve had 3 miscarriages in a row. This is unacceptable: we need care after every miscarriage.

Most women and partners who have a miscarriage are left to suffer alone, without support, treatment or any investigation into why it happened. 

It’s time for change and we are determined to make it happen but we need your help to get at least 150,000 signatures.

“1 ectopic, 1 natural miscarriage, I missed miscarriage...I still wasn’t eligible for care because my losses were not all ‘by the same method'."

Why is it so important that this policy is changed?

For many reasons...

  • because it doesn’t account for the toll on the mental and physical health of parents having to repeatedly go through the pain, trauma and distress of miscarriage
  • because it doesn’t account for people who are already at higher risk of miscarriage
  • because it doesn’t account for the 1 in 7 who have to go through the physical, emotional and financial toll of multiple rounds of IVF to become pregnant in the first place
  • and because it is simply wrong. Wrong to put women and their partners through this.

Since this policy was developed much more is known about the emotional and physical toll of miscarriage. And much more about the science behind it.

It’s time for change. 

“This has to change. I was told my 3rd didn’t count as it was a chemical pregnancy. Lost my 4th baby 3 months after.”

Please sign the petition

We need care for women after every miscarriage, starting with mental health support for those who need it and increasing to a standardised system of minimum tests and treatments implemented in every trust across the country. 

We hope you’ll join us by signing and sharing this petition to help us get at least 150,000 signatures, so we can be ready with our policy ask to government as soon as the research is published at the end of April 2021.

What are we asking for?

  • support should be available after every miscarriage, not just after 3
  • mental health support should be provided whenever it is needed
  • an end to the postcode lottery - tests and treatments must be standardised across the UK
  • higher risk women must get better care from the start
  • all miscarriages must be recorded, so we understand the scale of the problem