Messages of advice and support for dads ahead of Father's Day

With Father’s Day coming up, we asked dads who’d been through pregnancy complications or loss to share their messages of support and advice for other dads.

We know Father's Day can be difficult for many in our community, including those who've been through loss. What is supposed to be a day of celebration can be a painful reminder that your much-loved and much-missed babies are no longer with you.

So, we asked our community to share their messages of support and advice for dads.


Don't be afraid to show your emotions and don't be embarrassed if you find it easier to talk to a stranger rather than family and friends. The important thing is to talk about your loss. 



You're just as important as the mother. Please don't feel you have to be strong for your partner all the time. You also need support and there is a lot of support out there.



Sometimes trying to keep the wheels going and continuing as normal is great. But turning off the TV in the evening, grabbing a cup of tea and talking about how you're both feeling really helps. Don't try to be just the rock. You have lost too and you need to communicate that, whether sharing with your partner, a loved one or a friend.



Find a way to cope with your own emotions whether that’s a beer with a mate or exercise, go for a run or a walk. For me, music helped a lot, I write about what I’m going through.

Simon Webbe


It’s ok to be afraid to talk about it. But someone will be willing to listen when you’re ready to.



It’s okay to be sad, and you’re within your right to be angry.

Don’t forget to be kind to yourself. Speak to friends, family and even charities like Tommy’s. There’s always support at what is and can be a very dark time.



Please remember, no matter how you're feeling or where you are in your pregnancy or parenting journey, we're #InThisWithYou

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