Lucy May Walker’s new song expresses the complex emotions of baby loss

The poignant music video for Lucy May Walker’s new song, ‘The Hardest Goodbye’, features bereaved parents sharing their real experiences.

We miss you every day that you’re gone / When we thought we couldn’t go on / Only here just for a moment but you were the hardest goodbye

Lucy May Walker, The Hardest Goodbye 

After Sydney and her partner Stevie went through 3 devastating losses, Sydney approached musician Lucy May Walker to commission a song they could relate to: “I felt that there was no song to describe how we felt and what we were going through during the most difficult time of our lives,” she said.  

The result was a song called ‘The Hardest Goodbye’. “Once it was written, I felt it was too important not to share with others who might benefit from hearing it,” said Lucy. The song explores the great pain and great love that comes with losing a baby, and the singer hopes it will help parents feel less alone. “I also wanted to shine a light on the amazing charities and support services available to anybody who might need them.”

To accompany the song, she invited parents – including Sydney and Stevie – to appear and share their experiences in a poignant music video. The video has been released today, to coincide with Baby Loss Awareness Week 2022

One of the parents in the video is Miriam, whose son Charlie sadly passed away when he was 34 hours old due to an extremely rare genetic condition called LCHADD. “As soon as I saw the request for parents to come forward on Instagram, I got in touch.” She said. “What a beautiful way to share Charlie’s story and raise awareness.” 

I held you for every second of your life and I’ll love you for every moment of mine 

Lucy May Walker, The Hardest Goodbye 

Helena wanted to be in the video to raise awareness of the impact a miscarriage has: "It is not just a baby that we lost it is also a future we pictured," she said. "I hate the stigma surrounding waiting until 12 weeks to tell people that you are pregnant, it makes it feel like your pregnancy is insignificant and the loss isn't as great." 

Rhi, who appeared in the video after having a missed miscarriage, said she wanted to take part to remind other bereaved parents that they’re not alone. She said the song helped her articulate and acknowledge her emotions and thought that sharing her own experiences in the video would help others do the same. 

“'The Hardest Goodbye' is such a beautiful song. I can't help but cry when I listen to it, but at the same time it feels like my emotions now have a home. I never want to relive everything again but it's something that lives with me every day.” 

“The song is incredibly bittersweet for me and my partner and we can’t ever repay what Lucy has given us,” said Sydney. “She has captured every emotion so perfectly and so delicately.” 

‘The Hardest Goodbye’ is out now and you can watch the video below.