Introducing our first Tommy’s Ambassadors

Marking our 30th anniversary, we’re excited to name our first official Ambassadors.

In this milestone year for Tommy’s, we want to recognise and acknowledge 9 people who have contributed, and continue to contribute, to the goals of breaking the silence around baby loss and making pregnancy safer for all.

Myleene Klass, Amanda Holden, Ben and Marina Fogle, Dr Ria Clarke, Elle Wright, Katie Bonful, Will Greenwood MBE and Caro Tasker have accepted the role of Tommy’s Ambassador. They join established Tommy’s Patrons Ron Dennis CBE and Sally Tennant OBE.

Our Chief Executive Kath Abrahams says:  

“This year is Tommy’s 30th anniversary. As a result of support from many thousands of people, we're heartened  to have made significant progress since the charity was founded in 1992 to improve care and treatment options for those who experience the devastation of losing a baby, or whose baby is born too soon. But there is still much more to be done." 

We’re so grateful to every single person in our amazing community of supporters for everything you do to help us in our work, whether that’s through fundraising, using a public platform to open conversations and raise awareness, or backing us in calling on the government for change. Our Ambassadors have used their voices, energy and influence in a way that has created a legacy for their babies, helped so many people, and made an invaluable contribution to our cause. We can’t thank you enough.

Tommy’s was founded in 1992 when two obstetricians at St Thomas’ Hospital in London couldn't and wouldn't accept the lack of answers surrounding premature birth any longer. With one of their patients, they started a campaign raising money for pregnancy research projects.  

This campaign grew into Tommy’s charity – and we’re now the UK’s leading charity dedicated to funding research into pregnancy and reproductive health. In the past year, our supporters have raised £8.17m and some 20 million people have visited our online PregnancyHub for information and help. 

TV and radio presenter, designer, businesswoman and classically trained musician Myleene Klass says: 

"The key to change is research, data and information which Tommy’s are embracing and trailblazing and that’s why I’m proud to come on board as an ambassador for this extremely important charity. I proudly stand side by side with them as we encourage more research and in turn answers for women desperately in need of them, as we call on the government for real change, and ultimately as we support the families and the women going through this."  

Miscarriage is the final taboo, the last big secret and I’m determined to finally turn the pain into power. 

Ben Fogle is an award-winning broadcaster and adventurer. Marina Fogle and her sister Dr Chiara Hunt co-founded The Bump Class, which helps to prepare mums for pregnancy. Ben and Marina sadly experienced a miscarriage before having Ludo and Iona. The couple’s son Willem was tragically stillborn at 33 weeks. Marina says: 

Sometimes having children isn’t as easy as it looks, for some people it’s very difficult. I realised this when my third baby, Willem, died in pregnancy. We were devastated that we never got to meet the little boy who we thought would be a part of our gang.  

Having seen the tenacity and resilience of Tommy’s researchers, and learned about the work they are doing, I’m pretty confident that by the time our children are having their own children, the heartbreak of losing a baby will be extremely rare.

Alongside Myleene, Ben and Marina, our Tommy’s Ambassadors are:  

Actress, singer and presenter Amanda Holden, whose son Theo was stillborn 7 months into pregnancy 

Dr Ria Clarke, an obstetrics and gynaecology registrar in the South of England 

Katie Bonful, mother to 2 rainbow babies, Maxi and Leo, who was supported by Tommy’s and is an influencer on motherhood and pregnancy

England Rugby player Will Greenwood and writer Caro Tasker, founder of neurodivergent community The Spikey. The couple have 4 children. Their first-born son Freddie, born in 2002, was premature and lived for a little under an hour 

Mother of 2, blogger and author Elle Wright, whose son Teddy died at 3 days old 

Visit our Tommy’s Ambassadors web page to read more from our incredible new Ambassadors