Mum cared for by Tommy's Placenta Clinic helps raise over £150,000

Dena and Will’s son Leo was born under the care of the Tommy’s Placenta Clinic at St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester.

Little Leo and mum Dena will be taking part in Sensathon at Heaton Mersey Community Centre, Stockport. So far Sensathon has raised over £150,000 for Tommy’s!  Here’s their story.

“Without the specialist support and guidance from the Tommy's Placenta Clinic we really don't know how things could have turned out, it's frightening to think that we could have lost our baby and we are so grateful that we were fortunate to be cared for by their wonderful team.

I had a straight forward pregnancy but at a 28 week scan something just didn't feel right and my GP referred me to St Mary’s Hospital where the Tommy’s Placenta Clinic is.

From the moment we walked into the Tommy's clinic everything changed. We underwent an in depth scan. We hadn't seen any scan equipment like it before, they could see everything. We were told my placenta wasn’t functioning as it should and we needed monitoring on a daily basis. We couldn't understand how this had happened, surely you get to near 30 weeks pregnant and nothing goes wrong? We were scanned at the weekends and out of hours and the team were superb..

Then, nearing 32 weeks, I was told 'baby needs to come now'! I remember having a panic attack in the clinic . We were told that baby was still OK but he was a bit small and he needed to come out to minimise any complications or further risks of still birth. Again hearing the words 'stillbirth' hit us so hard, we had never even contemplated that happening?! I was given steroid shots to help boost baby’s lungs and at exactly 32 weeks our little hero Leo was born and weighing 2lb 5oz.

After 8 weeks in hospital he came home with us.  Despite a few minor setbacks Leo has had no serious issues and has amazed us day after day! We are now 10 months on and he is meeting all his milestones - no one would ever guess he arrived early.

Thank you Tommy's - everything you do is just amazing and you are all fantastic, our story is proof of how you really do help in saving babies lives!”