Adam's Reason for Running

In this blog, Adam explains why he’s taking part in the London Landmarks Half Marathon for Team Tommy’s.

By Adam

I found Tommy’s by chance but have relished the opportunity to raise money for a charity that the more I hear about, the more impressed by their work I am. 

After being advised to sort my fitness out by the doctor, my wife suggested doing a half marathon for charity and that led me to finding the London Landmarks Half Marathon and Tommy’s. As soon as I saw the work Tommy’s do, I knew immediately that I best get running!

Nearly 40 years ago now (and a year or so before I was born), my parents went through the most unimaginable heartbreak I could ever imagine having to endure. My brother Ryan was born on September 27th 1983 and was quickly diagnosed with a heart condition which left him needing intensive care and fighting for his life. Unfortunately, a little over a week later he lost his brave fight after such a short time.  This left my parents reeling from their loss with little to no support from the hospital.  

They were just sent home to deal with the situation alone.  It amazes me to this day the strength it must have taken them to move on and come to terms with their loss. I’m particularly glad they were able to, as some time after they had their very own rainbow baby -  me!  

It heartens me that parents in the present day have the opportunity for charities like Tommy’s to help and assist and support in dark times like these.

I know from personal experience that, even in today’s world, the support provided is still not good enough and that’s why we must continue to fight for better research and support for parents.

I’m lucky enough to now have my own little rainbow baby (not so much baby anymore - she’s 6!).

It is for all those babies lost, for all the parents who have had to dig deep to keep belief in the world around them, and in celebration of all those rainbow babies out there that I am running.

Here in the present day it’s almost 5 weeks until the race and despite some disruption to my training due to injury and Covid, I’m more determined than ever to reach the finish line. With the assistance of some eager work colleagues, it’s been decided I should run while riding an inflatable unicorn!  As you can imagine I was somewhat sceptical at first, but after some convincing (and some extra fundraising for Tommy’s) there is now no turning back for me or my unicorn.

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