‘Today is the day my sweet son, Johnathan Edward, was due’

Reality TV star Jamie Otis opens up about how the loss of her baby has hit her hard on what would have been his due date. She shares some advice for other mothers faced with these significant anniversaries.

December 2016

Reality TV star Jamie Otis opened up earlier this year about her miscarriage in honour of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.

On what would have been her baby boy Johnathan Edward’s due date, she has been inspired to share her maternity pictures and ultrasound on Instagram with a powerful caption.

Significant times such as due dates, your baby’s birthday and other anniversaries can be particularly difficult for bereaved parents.

Jamie writes,

‘Today I’m supposed to have a sweet, full-term baby boy. He’s supposed to put me in labour and scream when he comes out. His daddy and I would hold him close and let him know that everything’s going to be ok. We’d kiss him and sock him in order to soothe all the pain and fear away. ...sometimes I still ask God, “Why??”’

In the months leading up to Johnathan’s due date, Jamie was trying to find the perfect way to remember him, turning to other ‘angel baby mommies’ on social media for suggestions.

We think that Jamie’s ideas are a wonderful way to pay tribute to your baby, and wanted to share them with you.

Around Christmas time, many parents like to bring their little one into the festivities with a Christmas tree decoration with their baby’s name or picture on it.

Jamie says,

‘Last weekend we went shopping and made a Christmas tree ornament with a collage of photos of Johnny… Every year we will hang this beautiful ornament on the tree to keep Johnny’s spirit present.’

This year Johnny would be five days old on Christmas. Jamie has bought some clothes for a newborn which she plans on donating, either to a charity, or their next door neighbour who is due to have her rainbow baby in June.

After losing Johnathan Edward, Jamie designed a necklace that says ‘Mommy of an angel’ which she wears daily to ‘keep him close and let him know he is always with me’.

She has also donated one of these necklaces to a hospital to be given to the next woman who suffers a miscarriage.

Jamie and Doug also plan to plant a tree for Johnathan Edward when they move to their first home.

‘I want it to be in the front of the house where I can decorate it with Christmas lights and decorations every year.

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The original article from the Huffington Post is here.