These ‘then and now’ pictures of preemies are breath-taking

Photographer Red wants to send a message of hope to all those parents sat beside an incubator.

November 2016

We love these photos by Canadian photographer Red Méthot that celebrate the lives of children born prematurely.

This is Émile who was born at 26 weeks.

Judging by this wonderful smile, his early start has done little to dampen his spirit!

Red began this collection in the hope it would send a message of hope to parents at what can be a very difficult time.

Having a premature baby is hard and concerns about their development later in life are very common amongst parents.

Red’s wonderful collection shows that having a trickier start in life will not necessarily hold your baby back or affect their quality of life.

Twins Noah and Nathan were born early at 32 weeks.

Prematurity is a subject that is very close to Red’s heart as he has two children were both born preterm.

He wanted to celebrate the bravery and tenacity of children who have this early start, a goal he has certainly achieved with this wonderful series of photographs.

We think these images are beautiful and so inspiring for all of those parents sat beside an incubator.

We found out about ‘The Preemies’ series through Asda Good Living. If you want to find out more about the collection you can read their original article here.

Asda also do a special range of clothes specifically designed to fit premature babies with 10% from each sale going to Tommy’s to help us fund research into prematurity. You can take a look at the range here.

If you have any questions about prematurity then you can read all of our prematurity information here.