#SleepOnSide campaign ‘highly commended’ at the BMA Patient Information Awards 2018

Tommy’s safe sleeping in pregnancy campaign was recognised by the British Medical Association in two of their Patient Information Awards categories this year: innovation and self-care.

Tommy's news 25/09/2018

Tommy’s #SleepOnSide film and campaign has been highly commended in the 'Innovation' category at the British Medical Association’s (BMA) Patient Information Awards 2018. We were also runners up in the 'Self-care' category.

What the BMA had to say about the campaign

“This is a fantastic resource. The animation itself is clear and simple but very carefully presented to incorporate user feedback and so ensure that the message is delivered optimally. There was a 21% increase in awareness after the campaign that pregnant women should not go to sleep on their back.

“The penetration of the campaign among the TV media and news media was also impressive. The considered involvement of health professionals and other experts, together with the recruitment of expectant women to give specific feedback, and the co-ordination of the publication and media mark this as an exceptional campaign.

“The adept use of digital media and celebrity blogging mums also had a significant impact on the penetration of the campaign.”


Tommy’s #SleepOnSide campaign aimed to raise awareness of new research that definitively linked going to sleep supine with stillbirth.

We knew the research would be presented in the media as a scaremongering story, so our first objective was to produce a friendly non-threatening film that would give the information but not create anxiety or stress among women. And we knew that woman’s involvement was crucial in doing this, so we involved users throughout the development of the film and other resources.

We also conducted individual face-to-face interviews with women who had suffered a stillbirth. As the film went through development we consulted a panel of different women, in the third trimester of pregnancy.

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