From NICU to ‘team GB’

Sarra and Chris Hoy’s son, Callum, was born at 29 weeks, but has gone from strength to strength.

Pregnancy news, 12/07/2018
Image credit: @chrishoy, via Twitter

Beaming parents, Sarra and Chris Hoy, “burst with pride” this week as their preemie baby Callum posed for the camera in a team GB cycling kit.

The road wasn’t easy for the couple, as for any parent of a premature baby. Callum was born 11 weeks early, after it was discovered that Sarra had severe pre-eclampsia. Describing the experience as "harrowing", she wasn’t sure if she wanted to have another baby.

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However, you wouldn’t know what Callum or his family had been through as he stood proudly for a photo at three years’ old.

Since Callum, the Hoys have grown the family by welcoming their daughter, Chloe, last September.

Premature birth can affect the way your child develops, and the earlier your child was born, the higher the risks, so you need to keep an eye out for any area where you think there could be a delay. However, it's all about striking a balance: every child develops in their own unique way. Read more about growth and development after prematurity

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Information about premature birth

Babies who are born before 37 weeks are called 'premature' or 'preterm'. If a baby is born early, they may not be fully developed and might need special care.

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