Celebrity mum Giovanna Fletcher speaks out against rapid weight loss after pregnancy.

Giovanna Fletcher encourages mums to embrace post-baby bodies instead of focusing on rapid weight loss. We’re with her all the way!

Last week Celebrity Mum Of The Year Giovanna Fletcher spoke out after she was body-shamed by online commenters for appearing frumpy on an appearance on ITV's Loose Women. 

“I’ve got a post-bump body and I’m just trying to wear outfits that don’t make me look pregnant still, or that I feel good in, so I was a bit bummed,” Giovanna explained.

Giovanna had previously spoken out on Instagram after she was criticised by a stranger for still having a baby bump just 11 days after giving birth. The mum of two has expressed her concerns about rapid weight loss after pregnancy and encourages mums to embrace their post-baby bodies instead:

‘I’ve had two kids and got stretchmarks and wobbly bits. It’s fine.’

Rapid weight loss after having a baby is not normal, healthy or realistic.

Our midwife, Jules, explains why we are with Giovanna all the way:

“Weight gain occurs over 9 months in pregnancy – so it is unrealistic to think that baby weight can be lost instantly in the first few weeks after giving birth.You should give yourself 6 months to a year after giving birth to get back into shape and tone up again. Hormonal changes and changes in metabolism can make weight loss more difficult after having a baby – but weight loss will happen naturally by sticking to healthy balanced diet and doing regular exercise. We would encourage breastfeeding which can help with weight loss by burning up to 500 calories a day.

Exercise in the early weeks after birth should be gentle – particularly if you’ve had complications or procedures such as a C-section – check with your midwife or GP about when it is OK to start exercising and trying to manage your weight again. 

Remember celebrities are under huge pressure to look good on camera – us ‘normal’ people can go easier on ourselves and celebrate our post-pregnancy tummies. We’re with Giovanna Fletcher on this one!”