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DaisyTrail, the online social crafting network, has selected Tommy's as its chosen charity for 2012 – with the goal of raising £9,000 to help fund vital research and save babies' lives across the UK.

NEW Snow Globes kit is perfect for Christmas!

made using DaisyTrail's Snow Globes kitDaisyTrail's newest kit, Snow Globes, is perfect for making unique Christmas cards. Inspired by the Alps, this kit enables you to create your very own Winter Wonderland, and all proceeds are donated to Tommy's.

Download Snow Globes for just £2 today. You could also make a stack of cards and sell packs to friends in aid of Tommy's. 



Baking Day digikit

Perfect for all your tea party and baking needs!In June, DaisyTrail launched their third bespoke digital crafting kit (digikit) in aid of Tommy's. Baking Day is a beautifully handpainted watercolour kit, perfect for scrapbooking recipes, designing tea party invitations and all your other baking needs!

Download Tommy's Baking Day kit for just £2. Why not use the kit to hold a cake sale in aid of Tommy's?

Countryways kit

Countryways digikit in aid of Tommy's

In April, DaisyTrail launched Countryways, its second Tommy's digikit packed with fun farmyard scrapbooking content, and over £1,200 has already been raised through product sales!

It's not too late to show your support for Tommy's by downloading your Countryways kit for £2 today!



Snugs & Hugs kit

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You can also download Snugs & Hugs, DaisyTrail's first  kit in aid of Tommy's. This also only costs £2 with all proceeds donated to Tommy's.  

In addition to the bespoke Tommy's digikits, DaisyTrail is also running various fundraising activities throughout the year in aid of Tommy's. Its February bake sale was a huge success and raised over £600!

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