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The London Marathon: 2013

Join Team Tommy's in the 2013 London Marathon!  Whether you have been lucky enough to get a place through the ballot or would like to apply for one of our golden bond places, please get in touch with us now. We would love to hear from you! 

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Applications for the 2013 London Marathon are now closed. If you would like to apply for 2014, please click here . A minimum sponsorship of £2,000 (exc. gift aid) to cover our costs f.

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Click here to let us know if you already have your place in the race. Once you register we can send you your free running vest and any fundraising materials you need. This requires no minimum sponsorship—just raise as much as you can!

About the race

Enjoy the breathtaking views of our fabulous capital while making your way around the 26 mile course. We have golden bond places every year for this most famous of races.

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How Tommy's will support you

Whether you run with your own place, or a Tommy's guaranteed place, you'll get first class care! 

  • fundraising support, materials, ideas and tips
  • a dedicated contact at Tommy's, who will give you one to one support all the way
  • huge cheers on the day from our Tommy's cheering team
  • a top quality breathable running vest
  • an online community so you can chat to other Tommy's runners
  • e-newsletters
  • cheering sticks to give your supporters for race day.

What our runners say about us

'I have become increasingly aware of how brilliant Tommy's is and the truly special work you guys do. You are real heroes. Thanks so much for giving me this amazing opportunity and supporting us all the way.' - Dr Ruth Bryne

'Its great to be representing Tommy's—a fantastic charity—and wonderful to have had such marvellous assistance, communication, and encouragement from the team at Tommy's' - Martin Firth

'I just wanted to thankyou and the team at Tommy's for all the support you have provided. You have been really firendly and helpful; it was a real privilege to run for such a worthy cause. The Tommy's team in the crowd were amazing - a real boost when I needed it at the end' - Alex Dulewicz

'Thank you so much for the support, it has been an amazing experience. I have run for various other charities and none of them have offered the support that Tommy's have. Thank you so much' - Mark Richardson

'It was a brilliant day, but made better with your encouragement and organisation in the preceeding months' - Derran Llewellyn

For more information about running for Tommy's please contact Lia on 020 7398 3462 or email her at

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Our cheering stations

Along the course Tommy's will have 2 cheer stations.

Mile 13.5: The Highway South at the corner of Glamis Road

Mile 22: The Highway North at the corner of Glamis Road

The nearest station for both points is Shadwell which is on the DLR. 

This is a great location as the route passes by twice and the two cheerstands are seperated by a subway which is suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs

A map of our cheerstand locations can be found here

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Download your training guides

Marathon training guide

This guide will help you prepare and train for your marathon, including advice on what clothes to wear, food to eat and exercises to do.

Beginners marathon training plan

This training plan provides an exercise timetable for those new to marathons.

Advanced marathon training plan

This training plan provides an exercise timetable for those experienced in marathons.

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Fundraising hints and tips

Your friends and family will probably sponsor you once you've set up your fundraising page, but to raise the maximum amount of money for our life-saving work, you could also think about organising a pub quiz, having a raffle or asking a local school to run a non-uniform day...

FAQ question marks

Can I have a raffle?
What do I put on posters?
...and other frequently
asked questions

Child in potato sack race

At school, at work, at
home... lots of ideas
to get you started...


How to get publicity for
your race... from radio
to newspapers...

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Budgets, advertising and dates... ten top tips for
running a successful event

Fundraising thermometer

Set up your personal
fundraising page here and start raising money!

Pound notes

Making your money grow and how to send money in..

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