Poor diet, obesity, lack of physical activity, smoking and mental health problems can all impact on the healthy development of the baby.

By improving awareness of these issues among pregnant women and providing them with practical strategies and appropriate support, we hope to decrease the number of women who experience pregnancy problems and improve the health of their babies.

By developing a Five point pregnancy plan, Tommy’s aims to act as a catalyst to bring about a wholesale change so that:

  • women receive evidence based help and support they need to avoid known risks;
  • antenatal care supports women adopting a healthy lifestyle;
  • policy makers are informed about the impact of lifestyle on pregnancy outcome.

The Five point pregnancy plan was launched in September 2011 in conjunction with Bounty, and is the current focus of our work at Tommy’s. Bounty is working hard alongside us to share the Five point pregnancy plan across its 2.5 million Bounty members, with the aim of arming more women to look after themselves during pregnancy to help support healthy pregnancies.

The Five point pregnancy plan campaign document can be downloaded here.

The five points the plan covers are diet, exercise, obesity, smoking and mental health. You can read specific information on each point below.


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