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You’re the reason we can keep continue our life-saving research into the causes of miscarriage, premature birth and stillbirth. Without your generous donation our work would not be possible.

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Hear from people affected by our work and services...

"My beautiful baby girl died the minute before i gave birth to her in a 13 hour normal labour and normal pregnancy with no complications. She was 6 days overdue when i delivered her and it was such a big shock to everyone as there was no sign of this going to happen. She weighed 8lb 13 oz and looked just like a little doll who was asleep.

Please donate and help raise money for Tommys charity so that they can research this further and try to prevent any mother, father or their families going through such a traumatic experience when it should be one of the best days of their lives... I wouldn't wish what we have been through upon my worst enemy..."

"(Speaking with a Tommy's midwife) ...was the first point at which concerns about my pregnancy were taken seriously and I felt very relieved to speak with a midwife who was so knowledgable, experienced and above all patient and understanding."

"...I had been worrying over my (pregnancy) query for days, and not sleeping very well as a result.  The Tommy's midwife put me at ease and assured me I had nothing to worry about..."

To hear more from people we've helped and for whom our research will help provide answers, please click here.