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Your pregnancy calendar

Feeling forgetful?

Write a list of questions or concerns that you have and take it with you to your booking appointment.

Finding out that you are pregnant, whether you were half expecting it or not, can come as quite a surprise.  It may seem hard to take in at first, and you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the stories you hear from friends, read in magazines or watch on TV, but don’t worry – we’re here to help you.

We know that a little reassurance and emotional support can go a long way to giving you more time to enjoy your pregnancy and bond with the baby growing inside you.

Read about your antenatal care here.

So what is a trimester?

Pregnancy is often thought of as a period of nine months but in fact it’s slightly longer than this. This is why your dates are referred to in weeks.

Pregnancy usually lasts around 40 weeks and is split into three-month sections, called ‘trimesters’. Each trimester has its own mix of highs and lows, and you’ll find out what to expect here, which others close to you might find helpful too.

A healthy pregnancy

As well as this calendar, the Tommy's site is packed with information on all aspects of pregnancy health and well being, helping you to look after yourself and your baby. You'll find more help on pregnancy- related topics below, including:

You might also like to take a look around our Frequently Asked Questions section.


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So what is a trimester?

A healthy pregnancy

Pregnancy calender

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