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image of pregnant woman and heading Pregnancy information - Being pregnant can lead to many questions

Pregnancy information

Speak to our midwives

Discover the answers to all your questions by calling the Tommy's PregnancyLine. Visit our midwife page or call 0800 0147 800, Mon-Fri 9-5

 image of a page of a calendar, links to pregnancy calendar

Your pregnancy calendar

Keep up to date with your baby's progress and get advice and ideas from our pregnancy calendar. Morning sickness cure, anyone?

 Link to getting pregnancy section

Getting pregnant

For information on getting your body into tip tip shape for conception visit our section on getting pregnant.

 image of fresh fruit, links to healthy pregnancy pages

Have a healthy pregnancy

If you want to know what exercise is safe during pregnancy, or what you can and can't eat? Then visit our pregnancy health section.

 image of sad pregnant woman, links to pregnancy problems pages

Problems in pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a time fraught with complications and problems. Find out the facts in our problems in pregnancy section.

 image of question mark, links to pregnancy FAQs

When to call your doctor or midwife

If you think you might need some extra care, you can find out more about when to call your doctor or midwife.

 woman feeling her pregnant belly for symptoms

Pregnancy FAQs

Have a number of questions about your pregnancy?  Well, you are not alone! Visit our FAQs section for answers...

 calculator and other office items illustrating pregnancy at work

Pregnancy at work

If, like many pregnant women, you are continuing to work throughout your pregnancy, visit our pregnancy at work section for advice.

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